Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Salt Lake and we come!

So here is my handsome Blainey pooh and me standing in front of the Salt Lake Temple! It will be a special occasion, when in just a few days, I will go through that temple! And I will get to be there with Blaine! I am so excited!

This is the beautiful Rexburg Temple-the place we will get to be sealed for all eternity! There have been so many miracles that have helped us get to this time. Our families have been so wonderful to help with all the wedding plans!

Blaine purposed to me on November 12-after he passed the last test of Miniature Golfing. I had fun with him, so he is the one! This is the beautiful ring. It has been fun to wear it, and I am so excited that in 10 days, Blaine will have a little different ring on his left hand too!

A Very Fun Bridal Shower

Blaine's sisters and mother
threw me a Bridal shower!
We laughed and had so much
fun! These are some of his
family members and my
friends that came!

The love of my life!

I haven't done too good of a job keeping a blog, but I wanted to introduce you all to the love of my life....Blaine! He is wonderful and I feel so lucky to be his girl. Isn't he so handsome? This picture was taken back in October on my birthday. It is funny that our shirt colors match a lot in pictures, and I am sure it looks like we plan it, but really...we don't!

10 More Days!

Oh my goodness! Do you see how many fingers I am holding up? That is how many days I have til' I am married to the love of my life! My face tells you all how excited I am!